How to read TAB
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How to read TAB:

One of the most popular methods employed in notating guitar music is guitar tablatures, or more commonly, guitar tab. Once you acquainted with guitar tabs, they are very easy to read and write.

full tabEach of these strings is represented by a horizontal

line in a tab, which is shown below.

Tab line

     The top most line in a tab represents the high E – note (which is called E high note in Bar Notation) as well as the first string of the guitar.

     In the same way, the 2nd line from the top represents the B – note (which is called B high note in Bar Notation) and the second string.

     The third line represents the G – note (which is called G middle note in Bar Notation) and the third string.

     The fourth line represents the D – note (which is called D middle note in Bar Notation) and the fourth string.

     The fifth line represents the A – note (which is called A low note in Bar Notation) and the fifth string.

     The bottom most or the sixth line represents the low E – note (which is called A low note in Bar Notation) as well as the sixth string of the guitar.

     Now is the time to make you understand the importance of numbers in the process of learning of tab lines. Numbers on the tab lines are used to show what note and which fret should be played.

     The above shown diagram tells us to play the 3rd fret of the sixth string. Tabs are always read from left to right just like words. Refer the example below-

Writing tab

This tab tells us to play the 3rd fret G note of the sixth string first, 6th fret A# note of the sixth string next, and so on.

     When the numbers are placed vertically one above another in a tab, it means that we should play all the notes in a single stroke. Such group of numbers placed together vertically in a tab also represent chords. Refer the example below-

Chord Tab

For example, the group of numbers on the left side of the above shown diagram represents the A – Minor chord, while that an the right side represent the D – Minor Chords.

Aashiqui 2 Guitar plug in TAB

There are three types of notation – 1st line Tab, second line Bar Notation and 3rd line Staff Notation.

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